Pure Gold at Wrexham's Libraries

12 Feb 2010

Libraries across north Wales have launched a reading promotion in partnership with local FE/HE colleges to introduce readers to the good reads available in Libraries. Now in it’s third year the promotion called Aur Pur/Pure Gold has been extended to reach readers in FE/HE libraries.

Librarians from Estyn Allan y Gogledd, the reader development network, have chosen twelve books, all from Wales but which take the reader to many different places. The authors of the most popular books in English and in Welsh will be presented with an Aur Pur award designed locally.

Reading groups in libraries across North Wales will also be reading and discussing the books, and they would welcome new members to join them.

The aim of the promotion is to show the wide range of stimulating books available free of charge for readers in libraries in Wales, and has been funded from the Welsh Assembly Government’s National Marketing Strategy for Libraries.

"Welsh gold is valuable, rare, and alluring", said Alan Watkin of Wrexham Library Service ."The rich seam of the imagination is much easier to mine, and readers can find it at their local library. We’ve chosen twelve books from Wales, six in English and six in Welsh, which take you to many different places. Whatever your reading taste, there’ll be something here to entertain, challenge and enrich everyone. We are delighted that the promotion will reach a wider audience of readers via our partnership with the colleges’.

All the books featured as part of the promotion will be available for loan via college and public libraries.

The 12 books in the Aur Pur/Pure Gold promotion are:

Back Home, Bethan Darwin
The Schoolboy, Holly Howitt
Mrs D’Silva’s Detective Instincts and the Shaitan of Calcutta, Glen Peters
Tag, Stephen May
My Little Armalite, James Hawes
Flint, Margaret Redfern
Mr Blaidd, Llwyd Owen
Man Esgyrn, Sian Owen
Hi a fi, Eigra Lewis Roberts
Haf o Hyd, Geraint Lewis
Naw Mis, Caryl Lewis
Alias Myth a Jones, Dafydd Huws


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